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Nutritional Counseling

If you have been struggling to eat right and lose weight and are frustrated that your efforts aren’t paying off the way that you would like or you find that you lose weight only to gain it back, you may need expert help. There is nothing wrong with your willpower or desire to lose weight, but you may benefit from the help of our nutritional counseling program. 


A nutrition counselor will be able to:

  • Explain how modern foods can trick people into eating more because they don’t feel full.

  • Show you how the modern diet fails to provide the nutrients people need.

  • Spell out how your diet may be contributing to your poor health and offer ways you can make changes to help you feel better.

  • Help you appreciate the appeal of real, natural food.

  • Design an individualized eating plan you can live with and will help you break free from dieting forever.

  • Empower you to reach your health and body weight goals – both short and long-term.

Nutritional Counseling for Performance

If you are serious about your performance on the playing field or in the gym, you’ll want to make sure that you are giving your body the right type and amount of nutrients for optimum performance. Consulting a nutrition counselor can help you achieve your goals of becoming leaner, stronger and more muscular.

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